The Company

FLEXIWATT is a newly established smart energy advisory company aiming to contribute to the clean energy transition in Southeast and Eastern Europe (SEEEE).

FLEXIWATT’s main aim is to provide solutions and advisory services with a focus on the so called 3Ds (Decarbonisation, Digitalisation and Decentralisation) of clean energy transition. To this end, it adopts an organizational innovation approach to energy services in order for their combination to provide added value to the energy system, energy market participants and ultimately to end consumers.

FLEXIWATT is able to devote resources to its projects covering a rather diversified range of skills and experiences in the energy sector covering technical, economic and regulatory aspects of energy production, delivery and end-use. More specifically, the company brings strong and international experience in electricity and natural gas markets and regulation of the respective sectors, renewable energy and energy management. The company currently is run by a highly skilled and experienced set of energy experts (led by 1 PhD and 1 MSc. & MBA) that during the last 20 years have participated in more than 100 international donor and IFI-funded advisory services projects, as well as, nationally and EU-funded research projects, providing scientific expertise and service to the above scientific areas, accounting for more than 10 M€.

In conjunction to its technical and scientific expertise, FLEXIWATT possesses practical and time-tested project management skills which have been developed through the participation of multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural projects teams from around the globe.

FLEXIWATT envisages to become a bridge between academia and the market. To this end its founding members possess individually a long track of academic achievements but are at the same time active entrepreneurs and possess strong business acumen. Flexiwatt stands balanced in terms of skills and expertise in relation to energy markets, energy efficiency and renewable energies. Clean energy transition brings all three areas closer and call for the creation of novel business models that in turn require intertwined approaches that also include elements of the digital economy. In that sense, Flexiwatt comprises a new paradigm of energy management services company that can operate and reap benefits from multiple areas of the energy markets with the purpose to achieve higher added- value services and accelerate the energy transition.